The Mission

As a homeowner, you want service providers you can trust. However, these days the emphasis is typically on productivity, often at the expense of quality. We don’t work that way, which is why we can offer our services with complete confidence.

We have purposely kept the business small, as we have found many clients prefer a more personal approach. This allows us to focus on the people as well as the work, and to deliver exactly what they want, every time. We don’t leave a jobsite until we are sure everything has been done to the highest standards. From surface preparation to finishing coats, our seasoned professionals use only the best techniques and the finest products, ensuring beautiful, enduring results. As many of our clients have said, “No one can top Top Notch.”


Luc Carrière: Owner

From start to finish, I’m always on the jobsite!


Antoine Montpetit: Co-Owner